Unusual study tips

Olá! Acabou de me cruzar com este seguinte site. Não há muito vídeos, mas aqueles que há são bastante interessantes. https://ensina.rtp.pt/tag-artigo/bom-portugues/



Não há muitos??? (no total 298 episódios)
Tenta carregar mais, é fácil:

Mais uma dica é:
“Cuidado com a língua”
também na RTP play.
Pena, que já não há todos episódios on-line…

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Obrigado. Eu não tinha visto isto. Que ótimo!

Here’s a new find - Google Docs provides auto-correct.

I was able to add a EU PT language pack to my system (Win10). Which allows me to swap keyboard layouts easily. Now, when I write in PT in google docs, it helpfully offers auto-correct.

I do hand write everything 1st (IMHO helps with memory retention, at least for me), and then when typing it in, I get a set of first pass corrections. I cut & paste the result in to the PP posting forms and @Joseph kindly supplies the remainder of the corrections :slight_smile:


Ah, that’s handy :+1: I also think that handwriting is good for memorization, but I find that I’m losing the patience for it in this digital era. Kudos to you, @stephencanthony.

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If I may offer a life-hack tip, as an ‘older’ person, I see my muscles wasting away pretty quickly with dis-use. It really is use it or lose it.

Due to typing for pretty much my entire adult life, my hand writing (while never great) had atrophied badly.

So, my purpose in the hand writing is two-fold - 1st to help rote memorization and 2nd to force the muscles to do something to build them back.

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I find handwriting to be very helpful too. I spend a lot of time writing down what I’ve learned.

When learning English, one of my teacher made us handwrite an essay or story of 500 words every week. It made my English become so much better so much faster. I’m hoping to replicate this with Portuguese once I’ve acquired a little more vocabulary and found someone willing to correct me.

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FWIW - when I now read a book, I’ve resurrected the dreaded book report… bane of my childhood… but now in PT, of course.

I will also hand write out all the words in the ‘fill in the blank’ exercises in the self study books. Not just the fill in the blanks, but the whole sentence(s).

May not work for everyone, but it seems to help me.

Indeed. I’ve been typing almost my whole life, so imagine. I should start writing my forum posts and scanning them :see_no_evil:

Yes, that’s very good. If you’re up for it, you can always post short texts in this thread to get some corrections: CIPLE Writing Samples + Other Writing Exercises

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