"Whats up?" in Portuguese

“Whats up?” in Portuguese

What is the most common way to say this?


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Olá, @anthonylomangino! If you mean “What’s up?” as in a casual greeting, the most common equivalents in Portuguese would probably be “Tudo bem?”, “Estás bom?” (when talking to men) or “Estás boa?” (when talking to women).

If you mean “What’s up?” as an expression of concern (like “What’s the matter? What’s wrong?”), the most common Portuguese equivalent would probably be “O que se passa?”/“O que é que se passa?”.


“Como é que é?” (Which, surprise surprise, is slurred together, and sounds more like “Como é quié” :laughing:) is something I hear younger people say.

Probably one of those things that as foreigners, we should be able to comprehend but not necessarily say ourselves, since it might be hard to pull off without sounding silly. :woozy_face:


Yes, didn’t think of that one. “Como é que é?” is even more casual, so it’s a better match to “What’s up?”. Some younger folks will also say “Está-se?”, which is reduced to " 'Tá-se? ". This is slang, already. I agree that it’s best to avoid these!


That is combo I choose to ignore.

I doubt I will use it and it is something that just complicates an already tough assignment anyway!

Hi, @anthonylomangino!
I have seen “E então?” used for this. Perhaps Joel and Joseph can tell us if this is currently used.

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Yes, we say it, but not often by itself. It’s usually something like “Então, tudo bem?” or “Então, como é que vais?”, among a million other options!


“tudo bem”
The reply is the same.
Everything good? Everythings good.
Tudo bem? Tudo bem.


I hear Como é que é? a lot, but it’s often shortened to M’é que é? (sounds like “Mé-ki-é”)