What does "pois pois" mean?

I have been trying to find out what pois pois means.

My understanding is that it is normally said with a little bit of doubt in the voice in the same way we might say “Right.” (in a slightly drawn out way) conveying the idea ‘You really think so…’.

For example, a mother says “O meu filho é muito inteligente” and the other parent says " Pois, pois" implying they don’t really believe it…

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“Pois” or “pois pois” usually just means “right”, “yes” or “I see”. Like @michael.pearce said, it’s often used with plenty of sarcasm, just like a sneering “Sure…”! But it’s not always the case; it can also be used neutrally. You’ll have to pick up on tone and context to know which is which.

Apart from that, the word “pois” can also be used as a conjunction, in the middle of sentences, as a synonym of “porque” (because).

  • Vou dormir, porque estou cansado. = Vou dormir, pois estou cansado. (I’m going to sleep, because I’m tired)