Um abraço e um queijo da Serra

An interesting query at Reddit/P
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“um abraço e um queijo da Serra” is used as a saying and reference to a cheese perhaps worth a try when in Portugal?

Hi @kiwijock, I think the query on Reddit has been added to:

Some interesting posts there!

Hi Jeremy
It does appear that the actual link
is not contained within the post. Just the image relating to the post
Your link originates through Google but don’t know how you found my Cafe post through Google other than using search words.

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Hi @kiwijock, I took a punt and put the Portuguese phrase into Google and it led me to the Reddit page.
I’d love to know how that phrase originated!

I know this expression as “um abraço e um queijinho” (a hug and a cheese). This is one variation of it, referring to a specific type of cheese, which is actually pretty good, hah. The expression can be used as a goodbye, but I don’t know what’s the story behind it. Maybe it’s just because “queijo” rhymes with “beijo” (kiss).