Telephone terror

Are there any phrases or expressions to start a phone conversation?

I am asking because I almost never catch what the person I’m calling says, so I just plow on with my very useful “eu só falo um pouco de portugués …”, and hope for the best.

Recently I phoned my hotel reception to ask a question. The person was very helpful in both English and Portuguese, but seemed very confused by my question. All became clear when we realized I had called the wrong number!

Speaking on the phone is harder than face to face, and some grammar crutches would be helpful.

Overall I have had great experience with Portuguese speakers.

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@peter.shand, the person answering the phone will usually start the conversation with “Estou?” or a variation of it. The caller will then usually say a greeting and proceed to identify themselves and carry on with the conversation. When calling an office, reception or similar, they often identify the respective entity/whatever right as they answer the call, so that you know immediately if you’re calling the right place. If not, you can ask for confirmation. Here’s an example:

  • Estou sim, bom dia?
  • Bom dia. Fala o Peter. Estou a falar com a recepção do hotel?
  • Sim. Em que posso ajudar?
  • Estou a ligar porque…

There isn’t much to it :slight_smile:

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Bom dia Joseph - Nunca tinha visto (ou ouvido) antes “Estou sim”. É habitualmente utilizado em vez de apenas “Estou”?

Sim, @samarang, ambas as opções (“estou?” e “estou, sim?”) são muito comuns.

Thank you. I seems I can simply translate the dance of telephone that I would use in English almost literally to Portuguese. Ótimo.

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