Supermarket questions! : )

Ola, how do I ask in supermarket where something is. Is it: Sabe onde fica acugar? So just the same as when you want to know where is restaurant?

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@Johan1412, yes, that works :slight_smile: There are different ways of asking, such as:

  • Sabe onde fica o açúcar? (Do you know where the sugar is?)
  • Onde (é que) está o açúcar? (Where is the sugar?)
  • Em que corredor está o açúcar? (In which aisle is the sugar?)
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Nice, obrigado. Now I’m going to translate ‘aisle’ in Dutch, because what the heck does that mean? :grin: (kidding)

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Ps. I’m so proud of myself, I studied for about 5 weeks everyday half an hour, so nice to feel the improvement. Tomorrow I’ll fly to Lisbon for over 5 weeks. :raising_hand_man:t3: Muito obrigado pela sua leçaos (not sure if that is right, but you just have to do! : ) )

@Johan1412 Haha, I know. As if Portuguese alone wasn’t hard enough, you also have to deal with new English terms :smile: Very glad to read you’re enjoying our lições and noticing improvements. Thanks for sharing that great feedback. And of course, enjoy your time in Lisbon!