Study aid for the conjugation of Portuguese verbs

When I started learning Portuguese, I couldn’t find a good application to help me study. So, since I like to use spreadsheets, I created something to help me learn the conjugations. Now that I cleaned it up a bit and made some videos on how to use it, I thought it would be useful for other learners. Of course I remembered Rui and Joel’s site with all of their videos. This is not a commercial product, just something that might help you. You’ll need a Google account to use it.

First, watch the introduction

If you might think it could be useful, go to the Google Sheet. Further help is available on the help tab. You’ll need to take ownership of the spreadsheet before you can use it.

The original Verbos Portugueses study aid:

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Hi James This is really helpful - thank you! At the moment though, I can only view it and not fill it in…any help on how to change this would be much appreciated! Thank you again. Fiona

Update: not sure how but I have got it to work now! Many thanks again James!

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Glad you got it working. If you have any problem, let me know.

Hi Fiona,
As far as I know, you might be the only one that has downloaded the file. If you have any suggestions for the help file on the original or making it more useful, let me know. Happy learning!

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Hi James! I think it is brilliant! A really helpful tool - thank you! Nothing to add as yet, but I’ll let you know if I think of anything. Kind regards Fiona

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Thank you James. I have managed to download this, and I know it will be an extremely useful resource (when I fill it in!). One question, can you explain how to add accents to letters please? I looked for how to do this on YouTube but with no success.

I know on the mac:
option-e and then a for á, option-e and e for é, option-e and i for í, option-e and o for ó
option-i and i for î, option-i and o for ô.
option-n and a for ã, option-n and o for õ.
option-` and a for à

I haven’t used a PC operating system in a while. I’ll see if I can find out. If your using a PC tell me if there are any other problems. Like I said, this is not a commercial product and I didn’t do a test of it on other platforms.

Oh, I just found Joel’s explanation on the Practice Portuguese site:

Thanks James. I do have a PC so I’ll have a look at the Practice Portuguese explanation. I do have an iPhone so I could do all the editing using this.

The comment the Francois Lagrange below the Practice Portuguese article seemed like a good option for PC users. For me typing on a phone is not the easiest. Good luck and have fun.

I think this is brilliant. Thank you James. Obrigada! I will learn how to use it.


Let me know if you have any problems.

Thank you very much James, this is very helpful!

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Your welcome. Let me know if you have any problems.

How to Type Foreign Characters, Accents, and Diacritics (Windows). There is a way to type or insert accent marks, tildes, umlauts, and a few other international characters and diacritics by changing your Windows keyboard input language to English US-International. Here is the youtube video.

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I just modified my Google spreadsheet for the studying and testing of the conjugation of verbs. I know it is not for everyone, but I like to improve it for myself if not anyone else. I cleaned up the macros that creates a Verb Selection page adding more verbs and also made a macro to take conjugations from the Priberam dictionary to create code to add to the macros (with a boring but detailed Youtube video on how to modify the code. The link to the spreadsheet is the same. It incudes a link to the video. If you made a copy before you’ll need to make another one to take advantage of the new feature.

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