Ser v. Estar in "Andas a ser mal-educado"

In the unit on Andar, there is the sentence: Andas a ser mal-educado. Does anyone know what “ser” is used instead of “estar”?


@elwhammer, in the Portuguese version of the Present Continuous, this would normally be phrased as:

  • Estás a ser mal-educado (You are being rude)

This is focused on what’s happening now. By changing the auxiliary verb from estar to andar, we indicate that this is not just something that’s happening at this very moment, but that has been ongoing or recurring for some time.

  • Andas a ser mal-educado (~You have been rude lately)

This is discussed in this Learning Note: Present Continuous in Portuguese | Practice Portuguese

I took the opportunity to update the exercise you mentioned and include a post-answer note :slight_smile:

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