Real books (not didactic in intention) for learning/practicing portuguese

Olá everyone!
I‘ve just started learning Portuguese, but I‘m definitely not new to learning foreign languages :wink:
I tend to learn best with a combination of structured progression (as offered by this outstanding portal!) and blind diving in the „real“ language, as used, spoken and written by natives - even if understanding is laborious or incomplete.
One strategy that has worked for me in the past is to start reading „real“ books (not intended for language students) as soon as possible - particularly children books, targeted to 8-12 year-old native speakers. The stories and topics hold enough interest for an adult, but the language tends to be less „literary“ and more direct, with more emphasis on meaning than on style, and the vocabulary is often limited to common words.
As I am not in Portugal, I cannot just browse the bookstores, and internet searches tend to return an overwhelming selection of books in Brazilian Portuguese.
Do you have any recommendations for books of this type?

Olá, @smceccarelli, and welcome :slight_smile:
Here’s a forum topic with lots of book recommendations. Maybe you’ll find something you like: Reading Resources, Books in Portuguese - Your Guide to Portugal / Portuguese Culture - Practice Portuguese

Muito obrigada!
I‘ll check the thread and the recommendations.
I‘m absolutely enthusiast about this portal and all the resources! É excelente!

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Existem várias livrarias online em Portugal e muitos livros estão disponíveis em formato físico e ebook. Se comprar livros electrónicos, pode tê-los na sua mão (ou tablet) em poucos segundos. A minha preferência é Bertrand (que geralmente diferencia o português europeu do brasileiro na descrição), mas existem outros.

Há também muitos outros sítios onde podem ser roubados, mas eu não poderia comentar sobre isso, claro.

Obrigada, Samarang!
I’ll check online bookstores based in Portugal, that’s a very good tip!
Meanwhile, I have found digital copies of two fairy-tales by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen: “A fada Oriana” and “A menina do mar”. They have exactly the right level of language for me to understand even without knowing much Portuguese (I speak Italian fluently: that helps!), and there’s free audiobooks of them on YouTube, so I can follow both the written and spoken text!

Aqui está mais um para ti:

Existem outros audiolivros no youtube, mas apenas poucos são em português europeu.

Boa sorte.


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I am five years into learning the language and am now reading full ‘grown up’ novels! I started reading using a series called “Uma aventura em… “ It is aimed at children 7 upwards and each book is set in a different place, teaching something about the history, culture and geography of the country. The series is written by two educationalists who cleverly introduce new vocabulary and then re-use it in different contexts throughout the book. The books themselves are a bit like the Enid Blyton Famous Five with each book having a new mystery to solve.
You can download most of the books through kindle or Books on iPhone. Alternatively you should be able to order from where I get most of my books now.
Hope this helps!


Perfeito! Exactamente o que eu precisava!
From what I can see online, these books have exactly the right mix of simplicity and challenge for a beginner. Thank you so much for the tip!
Looking forward to the time when I can read „grown up“ books :wink:

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De nada. Foi o meu prazer. Boa leitura!

I was at the book fair in Lisbon this year and bought two children’s books, a kind of comic about the Middle Ages and a small travel guide about Lisbon, as well as a cookbook. There are also books with poems by famous Portuguese poets that are bilingual (not only English) - I bought the portuguese- German version . I really like all four books, they are all very different but it’s fun to learn from each of them

I try to put a foto…:wink:


Muito obrigada, também pelas fotos!
I’m actually at the international book fair in Frankfurt right now, and of course I visited the Portuguese stands!

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