Portuguese vocabulary

Hello PP,

I was wondering if there was an option on this site that you can practise your vocabulary over everything you have learnt so far?

I need repetition and it would be awesome if I could see somewhere all the words I’ve learnt so far with translation so I could repeat them!
Also are there any books in addition to the PP course to go to A2 level Portuguese? I’m now at a level where I start to slowly can comprehend easy portuguese text, but I’m nowhere near actually a holding a good dialogue.

I think pre A1 is my level now.

Olá, @sven.paque, and welcome! To answer your first question, we do have something like that, called “Smart Review” :slight_smile: You can read all about it here: Spaced Repetition to Master European Portuguese Vocabulary and here: How Does Smart Review Work?

Regarding books, here are some topics full of suggestions that might help: