Pimenta na lingua

Hi, what is meant by the expression “Pimenta na lingua”?
I was watching the poligrafo on SIC and that was the result of one of the topics being true or false.

It sounds like an expression. It translates to “pepper on the tongue”. So perhaps it is referring to something, like a topic, being too hot or too spicy.

@Kellie.williams We have a popular saying in Portuguese when kids say something very inappropriate. Something like “I’m going to put pepper on your tongue” (Vou pôr-te pimenta na língua). So I guess the TV show is referencing that expression and applying it to things that are so incredibly false that whoever said them should be punished.

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Yes that is how I understood it. In my youth in England when I said something I shouldn’t, my Grandma would threaten to put “mustard on my tongue”…same difference!!

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That is how I translated it, however I’m not so sure that it was the case in this instance.

It was on the SIC news channel, they have a section where they fact check claims made about various things, in the case in question it was about a public building (not sure which) flying the “Trans” flag the flag in question was actually the LGBT+ rainbow flag. they have a poligraph and it normally shows verdade ou falso but in this instance it showed a fire symbol with the words Pimenta na lingua, which is why the hot n spicy doesn’t seem to fit.

I was also threatened with the mustard on the tongue. :slight_smile: