Pick up a person or an item

Hello! What is the correct way in Portuguese to say “I need to pick up my grandson from school”. I’ve heard “pegar”, but I think that is Brazilian…
Thank you!

You’d just say:

Vou buscar o meu neto à escola.

Hope this helps!

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@lizannsolis, @kristine.kirby1 is absolutely right :slight_smile: You’re also right: “pegar” is more typical of Brazilian Portuguese.

Yeah! Horrible day, needed a winner somewhere. Be great to find people beyond my tutor & my friend to use my EP on. But ALL the verbs. Sometimes I have to stop & see if I have time traveled before answering so I get the right verb tense & associated bits that go with them all. :grimacing:

Hi Kristine. :handshake: I’ve just returned to the site after a little while away. I’m English and have lived in north Portugal since 2018. I too struggle with understanding the language. Always happy to learn more and share what little I know. I’m not sure if we can ´PM´here but happy to give you my email if you want.

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Yes, you can, @Barrie :slight_smile: Just click on the username/avatar and then on the blue “Message” icon.

Thanks Joseph.

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