Obrigado vs Agradecer

Are the two interchangeable? and what would be more appropriate, when thanking someone for responding to your email or query?

Obrigado pela sua resposta. or Agradeço pela sua resposta.?

Olá, @Allan. They’re interchangeable and equally appropriate in the scenario/example you’ve described :slight_smile: “Obrigado” is probably used more, though.

Olá @Joseph, muito obrigado pela sua ajuda!

The interchangeable words can get confusing. Glad I discovered this forum and hopefully in the future direct my queries here for a clearer understanding.

Thank you once again.

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De nada, @Allan.J, obrigado eu (or “eu é que agradeço”) - here’s a nice way to reply to a thanks.

Just to add some info, agradeço/obrigado are interchangeable in meaning, but they belong to different grammatical classes (verb vs. interjection/adjective), so they often won’t work in the exact same sentence structures, as the first line of my reply shows. But with the necessary adjustments, you’re free to use either one.

You’re more than welcome to use the forum for your queries. It not only helps you, but everyone else who reads it :slight_smile: