O povo que lavas no rio

Hi I would like to know why in the song „o povo que lavas no rio“ the verb is not lava because of the third person singular. Why is the second person singular used here.

Thank you

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Howzit. Though I am a fluent Portuguese speaker, I don’t know the lyrics. However, lavas is not related to “povo”. It refers to some other subject/person or being who is referred to as “Tu” through the word lavas. So that being washes the people in the river water. So it’s like saying you - Tu - wash the people in the river. So not connected to third person but to second person singular.
Espero que tenhas compreendido.


Thank you, now I understand. I thought the people wash in the river, but your explanation makes sense. Muito obrigado.

Olá, @matthias.wintzer. Actually, I don’t think she says “O povo” (the people), but “Ó povo” (Hey, people/You people). As far as I know, she is indeed addressing the people directly, in the second person, and the verb conjugations match that.


I am only on the kitchen words but this seems correct to me from past language examples. Glad you cleared this up.

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Thanks Joseph, that makes even more sense. I am so happy for having this forum. Muito obrigado Matthias

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