Listening Practice - Youtube Links

I’ve been honing my listening skills with the below Youtube channels. They are links to specific episodes, but take a look at the channel’s offerings.

Admittedly they’re history focused (I’m a history nerd, among other things), but maybe they help you find content that appeals to you.


This a great resource, @stephencanthony! Thanks so much for posting! I’ve listened to the first one, and it is really helpful to hear what sounds, to me, like well-spoken Portuguese and to be able to understand a great deal of it! This will be great practice in listening comprehension. And, the subject is fascinating! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing this :+1::clap:

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Fun fact: José Hermano Saraiva, the speaker in your second video, is (well, was) a highly admired personality in Portugal. His TV programs are great for history nerds. The first video is more recent, though, so it’s got better production value and the journalist speaks more clearly. Seems ideal for practice!


It is always appreciated to get resources like this. I do not understand much of it, but the pictures are nice.

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Here are some more I found - Haven’t watched them (yet) - but appear to be commercials for the water company. But practice is practice, não é?

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This woman is, apparently, a physiologist of some sort. She has lots of short videos on YouTube and speaks in a clear and relaxed voice, as far as I can tell. There is such a variety of health-related topics, and they can provide lots of listening practice. I can’t vouch for how authoritative they are, but some are interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the links to the videos. The woman speaks well, but I cannot understand her. The subject matter apparently is too advanced! Thanks anyway