LGBTQ Life in Portugal

Hello Everybody! As a gay person who considers moving to Portugal, I would love to know more about the general attitude and the vibe there in regards to the LGBTQ community.

I traveled to Portugal before but because I was there only for a short time I would not say I got a sense of what living there as a gay person really is like.

Let’s talk!


Bem-vindo @davinsclin! :slightly_smiling_face: An interesting topic! I can only add one tiny anecdote to this question. I am in the process of obtaining Portuguese citizenship through marriage to a Portuguese citizen. When he and I went, in person, to the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais in Lisbon, the woman case worker who talked with us was very kind, cordial, and completely non-discriminatory and non-judgmental.


Olá, @davinsclin and welcome :slight_smile: You’ll be FINE. Like in any other country, there is homophobia, but the Portuguese are generally mild-mannered and prefer to mind their own business regardless of their personal thoughts, and I’ll risk saying this is true no matter where in the country you go (there are always exceptions, but that applies to the whole world). It’s especially true in the bigger cities or more touristy areas. Some people may stare if they suspect you are gay, many out of simple curiosity. People can also be very gossipy, but they generally won’t bother you or reject you just for your sexuality. As a foreigner, you probably get even more of a pass to be/do whatever, within reason, because for the locals, you’re already “different” anyway. PDA beyond holding hands or the occasional quick peck is not appreciated (for any gender combination); otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about moving to Portugal.

For whatever’s worth:

Everything I said above is a fairly accurate (I hope!) surface-level description of what to expect in your case. The reality for someone growing up here and dealing with potentially very conservative families and communities all around them may or may not be very different, so I don’t want to generalize too much.

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Thank you so much, @Joseph, for this very encouraging and informative post! Nice to hear! :slightly_smiling_face:

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