Dealing with synonyms in review

As one goes through the exercises, it’s entirely possible to end up with more or less synonymous phrases for which there are no clues as to which of the possible synonyms are called for. I usually just recite the list from memory, but it would be nice if these were differentiated somehow (occasionally they are). So if, for example, passear, andar and caminhar had some distinguishing element on the English side of the flashcard, that would be rather helpful. I suppose allowing personal customization would be a design nuisance.

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@kslossner, synonyms are indeed a challenge to manage. One of the things we can do, for now, is adjust the settings of each exercise so that it accepts different alternatives. At the moment, we still have to do this manually, and it’s very helpful for us when members report specific phrases where they notice this need before we do. I’ve already made a note to check those passear/andar/caminhar examples - if you come across any other cases, please let us know through the Report a Problem option in the menu next to the progress bar (the 3 dots). Sorry about that!

The synonyms are not a problem in the regular exercises, just in the reviews. For now, I just take that as an opportunity to remember alternatives, but adding some hint such as a graphic might be helpful. Also would be nice to edit some of the noun vocabulary to include definite articles where these are omitted in cases like “otimista” where some might be confused about the gender.


Noted with thanks. Let me just add that “otimista” is actually an adjective and invariable in gender, but for variable nouns, we do see the added value of including definite articles.