Conversation practice

Hi guys. as much as i love this site and the awesome people who makes it so useful and friendly, i still need conversation practice. Do you have any recommendations? I have seen some teachers in a site named “italki”. maybe you have other suggestions? It is very important for me to be able to communicate fluently (To speak and to understand). especially to pass the barrier of speaking with natives.
Thanks for everything,

@zemerivri, I’m not familiar with these things myself, but I have the impression that Italki is very good for people looking for actual language teachers/tutors. If you’re looking for something more casual, maybe a language exchange partner would be an option. If you don’t mind also practising with non-natives, you can check this topic, where other members have been setting up group practice sessions: Chat group with other members? 💬

Thank you Joseph. I 'll check the link.

Olá, Barak! I have two italki teachers for Portuguese and one for Spanish. It’s fairly inexpensive (about $12-15/hour), depends on the teacher). I’ve been using italki for more than a year and love it. My two Portuguese teachers are native speakers, one in Lisboa and the other in Braga. Most teachers offer either formal instruction or conversation practice (less expensive). I do conversation practice with them and they help me with vocabulary and correct my grammar. It’s really fun and through one of my teachers I met another student (now my friend!) who is living in the Algarve and we practice conversation together on Skype every week for an hour and a half!


Thank you Lorena. glad to hear your positive testimony. I will search there.