Chat group with other members? 💬

Hi all!

I hope you are getting lots of Portuguese practice in with all this isolation. :grimacing:

One of our members emailed us to ask about setting up a chat group with other users. We have plenty of Units and Shorties to give you conversation topic ideas! :wink:

I would not recommend posting your personal information in the forum if you’re worried about privacy, but if you feel comfortable privately messaging each other to set something up, this is a good way to connect with each other for some real life practice.

It could be as simple as messaging back and forth through the forum, or you could even do a video/voice call through something like Skype/Zoom/etc. Other ideas?

I hope you all are staying safe and finding ways to get through these difficult times with a smile on your face.


Hi All
My name is Chris and I would really like to connect with other members via a chat group. I am sure we can learn a lot from each other. Please let me know if you are interested and we can get the ball rolling. Keep smiling)))

Hi Chris,

I would be keen to get involved.

Hi All,

How do we private message on this platform?

Hi Cameron
If you click on a profile you should see ‘Massage’. Click on this and you can reply.

Might I make a suggestion? I wonder if it might be possible for @ruicoimbra / @joelrendall to set up a closed group on Facebook where members could post discussion topics or just share information.

Hi Michael
Thanks for the reply. I believe there is already a Facebook page. Molly from Practice Portuguese suggested that we connect individually and perhaps set up something via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Hi Chris
Thanks for your reply. I thought I was posting generally on this forum and not replying to one individual. Apologies for that.
As I said it was only a suggestion and Molly did ask for other ideas. I know the Facebook Page quite well but I was suggesting a closed group on Facebook. This is not open to the public and joining the group would be via approval where the moderator would only accept those who have a paid up profile on this site. But I would be interested in whatever is the chosen medium.
All the best

Hi Michael,
No need to apologise as you are correct, it is an open forum))) I am not very high tech but a closed Facebook page sounds great.

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@michael.pearce I really appreciate the idea, but I think setting up something individually might run more smoothly for you. :upside_down_face: It would be tricky to confirm members through Facebook and I think we’d rather keep the discussion topics within our forum so that members aren’t required to use Facebook to participate.

That said, for those of you who want to connect on Facebook messenger on your own, it could be a great way to chat or video chat. Thanks for the ideas! I hope you all are finding some conversation practice partners. I’ll try to include a link to this post in our next newsletter to give it more visibility.


Thank you…

I’m game to try some group or 1-1 chat sessions.

I’ve been reading (jornais e livros), listening (RTP-3), but falto de falar!

I would like to practice a bit… Although I’m taking online classes, I’m getting rusty without more social interaction. Would like to be included if something develops here…muito obrigada!

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Hi Molly,
Thank you very much for your email.
I would like to join in, great idea!
Stay safe and best wishes,



I would be interested too!

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Hello i am interested in learning portuguese. I can get by in portuguese better that in english I think. I am spanish and I really want to learn it. Thanks

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This month (April) Emma from [Portuguese Language Lessons] has set up some FREE converstaion chat sessions using the Zoom platform at three levels for anyone who wants to, as her bit to make lock-down more palitable. I went to the first one (intermediate level) today and it was really great. She sent us 5/6 questions beforehand to prepare if we wanted to and also a fun tongue twister. She then put us into breakout rooms of 3 people in each room and we had 25 minutes to chat together.
I especially liked it because 1. we were of a similar level 2. we had prepared questions although we only loosely followed them 3. there were three of us which took the pressure off any one of us.
Would love to join something similar with you guys but it would need a bit of organising.

PS if you want to join Emma’s chat sessions (though only for April I think) go to ‘We love Portugal and learning European Portuguese!’ facebook page and sign up.


Hi all,

@chrisholmes1967 and I have been discussing perhaps doing some practice sessions, i need to improve my conversation but am quite good at reading and writing but the talking is what i need to work on.

If more than 2 people want to get involved at one time the Zoom app is best way to go i think.

If anyone wants to get involved pm me on here and we can try to set something up


I would be interested in a “Zoom chat” with some Practice Portuguese members. I also need speaking practice. I can read from a script or speak with basic phrases, but listening and responding to impromptu conversation would be very beneficial (and less daunting after some practice).


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Hi Chris. Any news in setting up one to one Portuguese chat! Obrigado

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