Are these contractions or spacing errors?

In the lesson introducing possessive pronouns

I see a lot of “contractions” with definite articles that look suspicious to me. These appear in the iPhone app and in the Chrome browser. For example “Osseus sapatos” instead of “Os seus sapatos”. What’s up with those?

@kslossner, that’s odd. We haven’t had any previous report of this issue, as far as I know. There seems to be something wrong with the page’s display on your devices. Do you have any screenshots you could share?

EDIT/UPDATE: Looks like this was a temporary bug with the spacing. It has been fixed!

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For example.


Olá! Examinei o mesmo site nos vários dispositivos,
não mostram aqueles erros.
Talvez/com certeza já resolveram o problema!?!

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Não sei, preciso de ver. Qual licão é?

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Trata-se da mesma lição que indicaste:

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