Anyone up for an accountability partner or study group?

Hi everyone,

We’ll be meeting again this week - Sunday, 9am Pacific, noon ET, 5pm Portugal time.

Here’s the link: Link:

If you can make it, come join us!


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What a great initiative! Sorry I have been quiet these past months. We have been working on a soon-to-not-be-so-secret video project as well as many other things, but have missed the forum. Best of luck with these meetups, maybe we will have to drop in one day if you can keep them going! Abraço a todos

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Ola, Joel -
Can’t wait to see what you’re up to!
You’re welcome to pop in anytime.

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I am a bit late to the party, but I would love to join as well!

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Sure - just send me your email. We’ll be meeting the same time on Sunday as on prior posts, same zoom link.


I would like to join as well! My e-mail is [email protected]

Great - I’ve added you to the group email and google docs folder. You can find the time and link further up on this thread. We are meeting Sunday this week. Welcome!

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Olá Jana,

I sent you and email yesterday requesting to be added to the accountability/study group.

Did you receive my email and is it possible I can be added?



Yes - watch for an email later today.

Hello everyone.
I would love to join so I can practice my Portuguese. Let me know if it is still possible to join.

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Hi Sara,
Yes, of course. Just email me your email address - [email protected] - and I’ll add you to the group email list and resources folder. Our next meeting is the 26th at 9am Pacific, noon ET, 5pm Portugal time, with the same link I’ve posted before. I’ll email it with the group email.

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Hi Jana,

I am at a basic level and practising my Portuguese every day. I picked up on your thread - in the forum and am always looking for other opportunities to practice my Portuguese. I reside in Lisbon, Portugal. If you could add me to the group email list and resources folder? I know I am late in joining but been very busy. Kind regards,

Hi Michael,
Happy to have you join us. Just send me your email address and I can add you to everything.
[email protected]

I’m doing fairly well in my intermediate personal studies. But, I want to make it harder! If anyone could help me with my goal to be far more confident with a study group or something :smile: I’d appreciate it. I’m in England so NO time difference.

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Hi Tia,
You’re welcome to join us! We break out into different levels to work on projects like daily conversations.
If you’re interested, email me with your email address and I can add you to the group. We meet Sundays, 5pm Portugal/UK time.
My email: [email protected].

Ola a todos!

I’m a masters student in Lisbon and I started practice portuguese since Oct 2020. I’m looking for people to practice speaking portuguese with.

Is there a virtual speaking group that I can join? If there isn’t, would anyone like to practice with me?


@misselletea, I moved your post to this topic, where regular group sessions are organized. Scroll up to check out the previous posts :slight_smile:

Muito obrigada Joseph! :slight_smile:

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This sounds like great fun!

Can you add me to mailing list please - [email protected]

Hey Jana, this thread seems to have garnered quite a bit of support. I’d be interested in practicing as well. I will send you an email for when you will be having another zoom meeting .