An alternative to Google Translate?

Note the question mark in the above maybe worth a try
Comes recommended on a comment in Reddit/Portugal and at Reddit/P they rarely have anything good to say about Google Translate


Ooh this seems nice. I like that it lets you click on individual words to get alternate translations.


Great suggestion. Never heard about it before, but seems pretty good! (Btw, I love how you love Reddit :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for the suggestion. It seems good and really fast at translating.
It appears to be by the same publisher which produces the Linguee dictionary ( - which is also available as a mobile app. The app allows download of the English <–> Portuguese dictionary for use offline. I use it all the time when in Portugal and it is really useful.

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Hi Joseph
I basically use it to uncover things to see and do while in Portugal.
Reddit/P frequently has people from other places e.g. NZ asking questions on such travel matters.
Even at a mundane level e.g. how to work with the road toll system in Portugal.
On previous visits I’ve either experienced roads with no tolls (Algarve) or around Porto where they all appear to be automated and erroneously believed that all road tolling was automated but not so and hence my confusion.
Today’s question which I had planned to post elsewhere
Having been fortunate to attend both the famous Lisboa and Porto festivals during a previous visit and how they celebrate their respective saints.
How come it’s the Santo António Festival whereas it’s the São João Festival in Porto?
Santo and São – two words to describe Saint?

Please do post it elsewhere :sweat_smile: It’s just so we don’t go off topic here and also to make it easier for other people to find it, in case they have the same question. I’ll be happy to answer in a separate thread!