Adeus or Tchau?

How do you decide which of these words to use when? Is it just a matter of preference?

Either Adeus or Tchau is often used, but I think Tchau is more used in an informal way… Adeus sounds a little bit rigid…

I had heard that Adeus was more of a permanent buhBye, as opposed to Tchau being more in the até logo sense of I’ll see you in a bit / next-time / informalness.

@oscarbernardo30, both @Jessica and @stephencanthony are correct.

Tchau/chau is strictly casual, while adeus is neutral and can be used in any context. It’s not rigid, though - it’s fine to say adeus to your friends, for example.

It’s also true that adeus may feel more permanent or final than tchau, which makes it a likely choice in certain contexts, e.g. saying goodbye to someone who’s going to travel. You can still say adeus to someone you’re going to see the day after, though.

So yes, a lot of the time, it’s mostly a matter of preference, but keeping the above in mind.


Muito obrigada!

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At the end of my lesson my tutor & I say ‘Tchau tchau’ to each other. I’ve heard Adeus mostly at the airport! That is more formal - a Dona, or Senhor who are ‘velha’ or a mayor or the Prime Minister would totally get an Adeus.