Will Practice Portuguese create a complete pronunciation course?

We all know how important it is to pronounce words correctly when learning a foreign language. Obviously it’s a big challenge for many people when learning European Portuguese. I don’t think there’s a complete European Portuguese pronunciation course on the market. There are some youtube videos teaching how to pronounce here and there. Will Practice Portuguese create a complete European Portuguese pronunciation course with lots of exercises and offer to its members? I am sure it’ll be very popular. Thoughts?

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Olá, @CARLPT, and thanks for posting! Currently, Practice Portuguese offers pronunciation guides for both consonants and vowels (the latter are especially important, in my personal opinion):

These are complemented by other resources for more specific pronunciation topics, such as:

The units also include listening and speaking exercises, to work specifically on listening comprehension and pronunciation of different sentences.

We’re always very open to input, so if there are any other ways in which you think we can better support Portuguese students in regard to pronunciation, feel free to share either here or via our support channel: Contact Us | Practice Portuguese :slight_smile:


Hi Carl, we use the P.P. Shorties for practising pronunciation. There are many different actors reading the script, and they are informative, humourous, interesting and to my mind a better way to learn how the Portuguese speak than an isolated pronunciation course which could be a bit “dry”. We listen to each spoken phrase, then imitate, great for comprehension too.


We just added a new unit on Pronunciation. It includes many of the resources listed above, and the lessons are mostly made up of the speaking practice activity. Hope you like it!