Why wasn't Portugal conquered by Spain?

Thanks to Reddit/Portugal where I was informed then watched this very informative 10 minute-long YouTube clip
For those of us wishing to become more familiar with Portugal and its history; well worth watching


Being used to hearing all these names in Portuguese, it was quite amusing/distracting to hear the narrator’s pronunciation :smile: Seems to be in line with what we’re taught at school, although I’d maybe disagree with the comment that Portugal wasn’t interesting enough to Spain - they tried to invade a number of times throughout history and jumped at the chance to annex it in 1580, as mentioned in the video.


I compare the Spain - Portugal situation to that of the USA - Canada. The languages are similar but the smaller countries resist joining the larger ones. There is a different cultural and political vibe in the smaller countries and the larger ones tend to be arrogant in their relations with the smaller countries. There’s resistance to any political union and always a rivalry. Portugal early reformation as a separate country after conquering the Moors made it resistant to any amalgamation. In Canada, it’s the French-English dynamic that makes us resistant to American ideas of government.


Because the Spanish were scared of us :sunglasses: :portugal: & :uk: