Why is there no 'de' in 'O que preciso fazer'?

Precisar is often followed by the word ‘de’, as in ‘precisa de ajuda?’ or ‘precisas de sal?’, but I came across a flash card with the English words ‘What do I need to do?’ translated to ‘O que preciso fazer?’. I keep getting it wrong as my brain wants to say ‘O que preciso de fazer?’

Can someone explain why there is no ‘de’ in that example? Would you also say ‘eu gosto fazer’ without the de ?

@Tomas, “O que preciso fazer?” and “O que preciso de fazer?” are both grammatically acceptable, but indeed, the preference in European Portuguese is to add the preposition ‘de’. This applies to the verb ‘precisar’, but doesn’t carry over to other verbs, e.g. gostar (always needs ‘de’ in any Portuguese variant).

This phrase pair was marked for review to harmonize it with typical European Portuguese patterns :slight_smile:


Muito obrigado @Joseph

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