When to use Que vs De

In the sentence “Nos tivemos que falar com o João” the use of “que” to me seems to be different from what it usually precedes. I would have expected the use of “de” instead. Anyone could enlighten me?

It’s funny, I was just watching a YouTube channel this morning “Portuguese with Leo” (it’s not competition to Practice Portuguese but as something additional) where he explains common errors that Portuguese people make, and one of them is the use of “Ter que” when “Ter de” is called for.

Ciberduvidas has a nice article on this however.

Portuguese With Leo: ERROS que os Portugueses cometem

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Thank you I never expected such a detailed explanation: much appreciated.
I also liked the « Leo » YouTube. He speaks slowly and articulate very well, which is another tool to improve my understanding of spoken Portuguese.

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