What's the difference between ainda que and mesmo assim?

Could someone please explain the difference between ainda que and mesmo assim?
Thank you for your help!

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@anne, in short, ainda que = even though and mesmo assim = even then/still.

  • Ainda que esteja frio, vou vestir uma t-shirt. (Even though it’s cold, I’ll wear a t-shirt)
  • Tu conheces os riscos, mas mesmo assim queres ir. (You know the risks, but you still want to go)

Thanks so much, Joseph.
To me this sounds very complicated, maybe also because English is not my first language.
Could you say:
Ainda que conheces os riscos, queres ir?
Or: Está frio. Mesmo assim, vou vestir uma t-shirt?
Thank you.

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@anne, yes, even though they’re not interchangeable, you can phrase sentences so as to use either one of them. Small correction: ainda que conheças (the subjunctive is required).

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Thanks so much for your patience, explanations and correction, Joseph! :+1: