What use 'me' rather than 'eu'

In the sentence “Há certos dias em que me apetece chocolate” why do you use the object ‘me’ rather than the subject ‘eu’?

I think because using the verb in the reflexive sense “me” is used and placed before the verb because it follows the adverb “que”.
I am sure Joseph will correct me!

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@pvreed, the verb apetecer is a bit unique, because it typically doesn’t take a subject - it’s used impersonally. Instead of us being the subject, we’re the indirect object. The thing we want is the direct object.

  • Apetece-me chocolate. ~~ Apetece chocolate a mim.
    chocolate → direct object
    a mim/-me → indirect object

It isn’t quite a reflexive verb, since those do take a subject (e.g. Eu visto-me). Otherwise, everything @mac.cummings said is correct. The pronoun is displaced to the front because of the sentence structure, which includes the attractive word “que”.