What is the difference between sin and sem?

Can anyone explain the difference between “sin” and “sem”?

Sin azúcares
Sem azúcares

Both the above seem to mean the same.

Thanks in advance

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Hey, @kathyrhodes2004 :slight_smile: You seem to be mixing up Portuguese and Spanish. “Sin” is a Spanish word, which translates to “Sem” in Portuguese. Both mean “Without” in English. Also, in Portuguese, “sugar” is “açúcar”. “Azúcar” is Spanish.


Thanks so much, Joseph. I should have written “sem açúcares”. I am seeing biscuits in the supermarkets with “sin azúcares” and didn’t notice the clue was in the spelling of sugars - I often get this word wrong anyway (also mixing that word up with Spanish!).

So “sem açúcares” = Portuguese and “sin azúcares” = Spanish

Thanks again!

That’s it, @kathyrhodes2004. You’re welcome!