Want to be on our next podcast episode? 🤩

Our last episode went so well that we’d like to try this again!

We received audio recordings from Portuguese learners from all over the world who were brave enough to let Rui correct their pronunciation. :sunglasses:

Want to help us with the next one? Here’s how:

  1. Choose a couple sentences from the transcript of this Shorty: À Busca de Doces

  2. Record yourself saying the sentence(s) and send it to us. Possible methods:

  • Send an audio message directly to our Facebook page
  • Record a voice memo on your phone and email it to help@practiceportuguese.com
  • Or post the audio in this thread (if you don’t mind it being public)
  1. Let us know what country you’re from AND whether we can thank you by name or keep you anonymous

Beginners are welcome! Don’t worry about sounding perfect - we want a realistic snapshot of where you’re at right now. In fact, there’s more to learn from the recordings with mistakes, so don’t be shy!

Thanks for your help, and excited to hear from you! :blush:

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da noruega


Thanks for your recording @amkjers! This is great! Is it okay if we thank you by name in the podcast?

Thanks so much @amkjers (Anne), really enjoyed your recording while recording the last podcast episode too :slight_smile: Excited to get that one launched as soon as we have the transcript ready

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Thanks Anne! Joel and Rui just finished recording the episode, so we’ll close off submissions for this one now.

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