"vou vir"? is this correct

How do you say “I am going to come to the party”? Is it correct to say “vou vir”?

@paulfitz99 We’d just say “vou”. Combinations like “vou vir” and “vou ir” are strongly avoided :slight_smile:

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thanks @Joseph - that is what I thought. Maybe I could give one more example.

My brother is going to come tomorrow/next week. Would it just be - “Meu irmao vem amanha/na proxima semana”

That’s right, @paulfitz99! Just a small correction: in European Portuguese, we’d say “O meu irmão vem amanhã/na próxima semana”. The definite article is important for us. But your sentence would be 100% fine in Brazilian Portuguese :slight_smile: