Volunteering during the summer (looking for opportunities in Lisbon)

Dear community,

my name is David and I am a full-time master student in Portugal. I decided to stay in Lisbon over the summer break of my university, and I have next to surfing, mountainbiking and studying Portuguese a few hours per week to spare that I would like to dedicate to something meaningful. As I have worked as an carpenter sometime before my studies, I miss the physical work during all this university head-work. Also I think that going out and volunteering is a great way to connect with locals and to put the Portuguese skills to practice.

However, I was having difficulties of finding respective opportunities in Lisbon. I found this organisation https://www.justachange.pt who are doing restoration work for houses of poor families but unfortunately they seem to have stopped their operations after Covid 19.

Maybe someone out of this community has heard of some volunteering opportunities? I am not picky, I would just like to do something that involves physical work, preferably outside (planting trees, community work, building something etc.).

I am happy for any recommendations, thanks!



perhaps you may find here an oportunity?
Good luck!


Try also Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms, or HelpX.net. They too may have paused operations because of Covid.