"Voce quer [ler] os seus livros" possessives lesson 5

My listening comprehension is improving massively lately - thanks for having so much audio input on the site. I hope you can help with a bit of uncertainty in one of the units.

I am hearing “Voce quer ler os seus livros” from the man in the video clip, but the accepted answer is “Voce quer os seus livros”. Is the “ler” word a phantom of pronunciation or is this what he is saying?


I agree. You are correct. Ler is clearly added to the video.
I have reported this for you…
If you do find an error in any of the units don’t be afraid to use the report mechanism which is part of the unit.
The PP people love you to this so they can sort errors.

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PP have responded immediately and remove the video. Great spot on your part. Mac

Thanks for reporting this, @sociallydistant. Like @mac.cummings said (and did), for very specific questions like this, feel free to either click directly on “Send feedback about this question” (it’ll appear on the lower right corner, after you check your answer and before you move on to the next question) or to reach out via the Contact page. This category of the forum is meant for more general Portuguese questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks - I didn’t realise I could give feedback about questions without posting in the forum. There may be a few more while I work through the units

I think I understand why he would say “ler” here even though it isn’t in the script - it does seem like an odd question, “do you want his books?”.

You’re welcome! Yes, you can send direct feedback through the website for each question. Here in the forum, it would be too out of context, especially for those who are not members - the forum is open to all, so that members and non-members alike can benefit.

However, feel free to also use the forum for general grammar/vocabulary questions that come up during your practice, e.g. “Why do we use the past tense in sentences such as [X]?” (but not “Why is question 2 of Unit 5 A instead of B?”).