Vocabulary unit for visiting Portugal

I thought I recalled seeing a page that was specifically about helpful phrases and terms to know when visiting Portugal. I’ve looked through the units and didn’t see it, and tried searching but didn’t know the right terms to distinguish it from learning Portuguese more generally. I’m looking for things like handling the question “what’s your NIF?”, though I have that particular one down.

Was there such a page?


I don’t think you mean to say that you’re looking for helpful phrases for when you’re visiting Portugal. A NIF question wouldn’t come up for visitors. Maybe it was one of the shorties?

Hmm, maybe the NIF is the wrong one, but when I was buying groceries at the store, they asked me for some number I didn’t recognize. It happened in multiple places so I don’t think it was a point card or something like that.

They ask for “contribuinte”. I remember that we were confused the first few times we were asked. The way I understand it is that the contribuinte system works to prevent tax fraud by restaurants and retailers. It’s certainly not necessary to have this number, but I think they have to ask.

Olá, @happyjolteon. For the time being, we don’t have one single general unit covering these helpful phrases for visitors/non-Portuguese-speaking residents all at once, but several targeted units for different contexts, such as:

The site index is lovely to give you a full overview of PP’s contents per topic. Is there anything in particular you were looking for?

The NIF (número de identificação fiscal) is the official term for “contribuinte” or “número de contribuinte”, by the way. They all refer to the same number :slight_smile: