Video Games in PT-PT

Wow this is my first post and I actually feel like i’m making a contribution :sweat_smile:
OK so I’ve been on the hunt for PT-PT video games and let me tell you IT’S A STRUGGLE …but for you Nintendo Switch owners a mystery point and click game that takes place in Lisbon just came out and has lots of dialogue=)

(Inspector Ze e Robot Palhaco em: Crime no hotel Lisboa)

If you guys know of any other video games please share…I’ve heard the older version of the Sims had PT-PT… Sims 3 I believe .


Welcome, @reggielavince! Definitely a struggle. I guess lots of games have Portuguese translations, but a number of them go for PT-BR rather than PT-PT. Many gamers are comfortable with English anyway and will even choose it over PT-BR.

I played The Sims 3 way back when, but I actually don’t remember if it was PT-PT. Could be… Sorry I can’t help more, I’m hardly a gamer nowadays :sweat_smile:

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Also adding on to this thread I just found out that there is a Lisboa Games week =)

Probably Another way to see other PT-PT video games by developers from here,

Twitter @gamesweek /

I never got to go to E3 when i lived in California, if this is anything like that this should be a really fun experience. HAPPY GAMING !!!

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