Very funny novela series with English and Portuguese subtitles - Pôr do Sol

RTP has a new series called Pôr do Sol that just released the last of 16 30-minute episodes. It’s a novela that makes fun of novelas, and while it can’t be slowed down, it does offer the option to configure Portuguese or English subtitles. I’ve only watched a bit, but I’m hooked by the humor of it all. There are a few Portuguese cultural references you may need to look up to get all the jokes, but most of it is rather obvious.


Gosto muito dessa série! :joy: O Simão é o meu favorito :tumbler_glass:


Obrigada pela dica! Vou prová-la.

Wow, they talk fast! :wink: Thanks for the tip!

Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for a show to watch (with subtitles) after finishing “O Sábio.”

I’ve watched a couple of episodes with Portuguese subtitles - it’s so over the top and funny that even though I probably miss about half the dialog, it’s still very entertaining.

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