Verbs presente & preterito - mixed review?

Is there a mixed review to help when learning preterite as well as presente?

It would be great to have a Quiz that juggled between present and preterite tenses to practice (choosing, hearing, and writing) for example Poder, Dar, Dizer … and of course, others?

is there such a mixed review?

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Hey Bill. Try the conjugation exercises here. It’s free to sign up and you can set the parameters as you wish - so you should be able to do what you are asking for.



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Thank you very much for pointing this out. It fills in one of the very few gaps in the Practice-Portuguese experience.

Há um livro de exercícios da editora Lidel:
100 Exercícios com explicações.

de Diana Oliveira e Sofia Rente

Primeira edição Março 2021

Olá, @billt4. The Verbs section on Practice Portuguese does have mixed exercises as well, grouped per verb mood. So, you can work on: 1) the indicative tenses (present, past, future); 2) the subjunctive tenses (present, past, future) & imperative mood; or 3) all of it at once.

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Joseph I don’t see how to find that, Can you send a link or instructions?

@billt4 I included a link on my previous message (click on “Verbs section”, in blue). You can also refer to the images below:

  1. On the menu, click on Learn > Verbs:

  2. For any verb of interest, click on any of the bubbles under “Mixed Exercises” to drill verb conjugations in different tenses per mood or all tenses & moods at once:


The apparently small, but very important, difference being that you can’t choose your mix in the PP exercises. So, for example, if I want to concentrate on the two indicative past tenses only, or maybe just the present and the present continuous, I can’t do that within PP.

Don’t get me wrong, PP is fantastic, but the verb section isn’t quite the star of the show :slight_smile: