Verbs & prepositions

I was watching on the use of ‘dar’ with various prepositions, having fun watching the meaning completely change, depending on the preposition used. Kind of like ter vs ter de.

Anyway - I looked thru all my books/resources and can not find a comprehensive list of the verbs that change this way. I can find the basics (ir a and ir para, for example; plus a few others). But nothing as deep as shown in the dar video.

Anyone know of such a resource?

@stephencanthony, I don’t know any resource that condenses all of that (extensive) information.

As far as PP goes, we are gradually working on expanding our content regarding highly variable verbs. Here are a couple of examples:

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Thank you @Joseph - FWIW, I did a google search regência verbal and then getting to something like: this which helps, but, alas, is not consistent in its enumeration of all verbs.

Another resource I find useful is the infopédia dictionary (not a comprehensive list but a useful resource non the less:
In many definitions of verbs you have a section that gives “How to use the verb” giving different meanings to the verb with diferent prepositions and giving examples:
Como usar o verbo

oferecer, doar
Ela deu os livros e vendeu os móveis.

dar(-se) com
encontrar, achar
Ele não conseguiu dar com a solução do problema.
combinar, condizer
A carteira castanha dá com os sapatos da mesma cor.
A avó não se dá com o calor do Algarve.

Os primos davam-se bem.

dar de
ceder, afrouxar
A parede deu de si com o peso dos quadros.

dar em
resultar, ficar
Ele deu em doido com aquele barulho todo.

dar para
ter vista para
A janela dá para o mar.

dar(-se) por
considerar(-se), julgar(-se)
O rapaz não se deu por vencido.

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Surprisingly, I had given infopedia a looksie and even typed in dar - and the didn’t scroll down far enough - go figure. So I only saw the conjugations. Didn’t realize that the usage was pretty much what I was looking for.

So, @mcguirejajm Thank you!!


I was looking for something else yesterday and tripped over a comprehensive explanation of the numerous uses of dar. You need to scroll down a bit to get to the good stuff, but the coverage is quite extensive.

I had no idea there were so many ways to use this; I’m going to be figuring this out slowly.

Really good find! Obrigado!