Verbs in the infinitive

I am struggling with a review question from this topic.
“I really like playing football”
Why is it “ gosto imenso de jogar futebol”
I automatically wanted to write
“ eu realmente gosto de jogar futebol”.
I struggle with grammar in all languages.

Also clitic pronoun question.
“ I leave it here”
Review answer is “ eu deixo-o aqui”
Google translate ( which is Brazilian) writes
Eu deixo aqui.

Thanks people. I only have 3326 things to review. But with borders closed, being locked in Australia, I just keep doing Practice Portuguese.

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Good point Roberta. First I must say that I am a relative novice.
One thing that I do when using the flash cards is decide how I might say the same thing more simply, more “everyday”! I use the general test "will this mean that I get my meaning over?
I then test my version with the dreaded Brazilian based translation site, sometines with Joseph or the team
So in this case I would use your version. It feels less formal. Joseph, your opinion please?
Must be a good time to be trapped down under. Sun rather than the rain here in Blighty!

Olá,! My comments below:

This has to do with what in English would be the nuance between truly and really.

  • Eu realmente gosto de jogar futebol -> I truly like playing football
  • Eu gosto imenso/muito/mesmo/… de jogar futebol -> I really like playing football (I like playing football a lot/very much)

This is why the second option fits better here.

In sentences like that one, we may drop the clitic pronoun sometimes, in speech. But the answer reflects the most grammatically correct option, which is to keep the pronoun (which also sounds perfectly fine to us).

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