Verbs in a sentence

What is the general rule for using verbs in the infinitive.
The following is correct:
Eu prefiro estudar de manha.
However, I have previously got this wrong and have used: Eu prefiro estudo de manha.
In a sentence is the first verb conjugated to identify the person, then all other verbs that follow within the same sentence used in the infinitive?

@tommy-82, I’m not sure that there’s a lot I can say in response to your first question, other than pointing out that English and Portuguese seem to be aligned on this point, which is helpful. So, in general, whenever you’d use the infinitive or present participle in English, you’ll probably also want to use the infinitive in Portuguese. Going back to your own example:
I prefer to study in the morning / I prefer studying in the morning → Eu prefiro estudar de manhã.

Not all other verbs in the sentence need to be in the infinitive, unless the infinitive continues to make sense for that particular context and/or sentence structure. This needs to be seen on a case by case basis.

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Thanks for your reply Joseph - Makes perfect sense.

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