Using Para or not

I have obviously not understood something about the use of Para, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Why is Eu fui lá nas férias but eu foi PARA lá a pé ? Thanks in advance for your help

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@maureenlister1, “para” is optional in both sentences, because the adverb “lá” doesn’t require a preposition as a connector here.

  • Eu fui lá nas férias = Eu fui para lá nas férias

  • Eu fui para lá a pé = Eu fui lá a pé

On the other hand, if instead of this adverb, you had a noun, you would need either “para” or another suitable preposition to link the verb to it:

  • Nós vamos para Bragança
  • Eles foram para o campo
  • Ela esteve no norte

Thank you for clarifying this for me. As always a clear and prompt response .

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