Use of present and future subjunctive

I understand that the degree of uncertainty can dictate the use of the subjunctive tense. It however seems that when using se the future subjunctive seems to be the default. If the context is more certain than not, and one uses se, can the subjunctive used then be the present. For example if you say to some if you do this, knowing that they want to, would that still be construed as the future subjunctive? I hope this makes sense!

Olá, @roz. Yes, the conjunction ‘se’ typically asks for the future subjunctive (when applicable), and is not compatible with the present subjunctive. It can be compatible with indicative tenses, though. You can say, for example, “Se vais fazer isso…”, but never “Se faças isso…”. In the situation you described, the future subjunctive would still be a valid option anyway (“Se fizeres isso…”).

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