Use of 'de' when referencing the language

Hi all. Is ‘de’ used when speaking formally at times, and less so when speaking informally? I ask because sometimes I see “português” and sometime “de português” when referring to the language. The only difference would be whether speaking formally or not?

The language itself is just “português”. If you’re seeing the preposition de before it, it’s because some other element in the sentence is asking for it. This will be context-dependent.

For example:

  • Eu falo português. = I speak Portuguese. —> Just the language; no de
  • Eu tenho aulas de português. = I have Portuguese classes (literally translated as “classes of Portuguese”) —> The de is added not because of the language itself, but because of the classes
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Ok. Thanks Joseph. I’ll watch for this. So appreciative of you all at the company and the community on the forum. Loving learning with you.

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Thank you too!