Use of abaixo or adiante

There are two phrases that come up in the flash cards.

  1. A solução do problema está descrita abaixo.
  2. Está questão será abordada adiante.
    To me both suggest something being in some sort of text below. I understand adiante can be used in this context and that abaixo also means below but wonder if abaixo and adiante are used interchangeably or if there is a rule of some kind that governs the choice?

@maureenlister1 abaixo means below, adiante means ahead (as in further ahead) :slight_smile: The words are not interchangeable per se, but both of them apply in contexts like these, because, well, when you go through a text, the information that comes ahead is probably also visually below your current line.

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Oh I see what you mean thanks. Espero que tu tens tido um bom dia com tuas família. Obrigada

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