University and Polytechnic job sites?

Hello everyone,

I am considering a possible jump across the pond to Portugal, but am having difficulty evaluating potential job opportunities. I work at a college in the U.S., hold a PhD, and have over 15 years of teaching and administrative experience.

In the U.S. we have several websites that aggregate all academic jobs in the country and allow filtering by location, discipline, experience level, etc. One can also go to a specific institution’s website and easily navigate to open positions.

It seems this is not possible in Portugal. The few institutions that I was able to navigate (thanks Google translate) don’t seem to list open positions. An academic webiste suggested I check 3 newspapers (Diario de Noticias, Expresso, and Jornal de Noticias) on various days of the week. This has been a daunting endeavor with limited Portuguese and bureaucratic decree language.

Is there any single place for international applicants to review open positions? Has anyone on the forum successfully navigated the hiring process at a public or private institution of higher education in Portugal? I’d loved to hear your experience and suggestions.

Obrigado por pelo apoio!


@tlaw387 I’m afraid it’s not so easy or transparent in Portugal. I know that some (many?) professors are invited into their positions, mainly by mutual connections or because they’re already working at/with the institution in other roles (e.g. research). Researchers have it bad in Portugal, with few available opportunities whether they have public (e.g. FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) or private funding (e.g. Gulbenkian Foundation or Champalimaud Foundation). I don’t even know where to begin looking for other types of academic jobs. Those newspapers are great if you want to stay on top of Portuguese current events, but not for finding a job :smile: Do you remember where you read that suggestion?


Thanks for the information; it sounds as though the entry path for international applicants is quite narrow. The website I referenced is :

I guess I’ll just have to wait for PP to start its own academy!


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Thanks for the link. It’s an odd suggestion - IMO, those newspapers are not good resources to find an academic job (even though they have sections for job ads), but you never know.

Fulbright? Not a job exactly, but you’d be forging a relationship with an institution if you got in and it was a good fit.



Thanks for your efforts in finding this link. Unfortunately, it does not really fit my needs for a number of reasons (limited Portuguese fluency-A1 and dependents to name a couple). I would also have to vacate a permanent employment position with benefits to enter a short-term, limited funding role with no extension or guarantee of future employment. This would be a great opportunity if my college offered research sabbaticals.