Units>Adjectives 1>Lesson 9: A Little And A Lot

When asked to translate “They eat a lot of bread”, how does one (in the lesson) determine if ‘They’ is “Eles” or “Elas”?

It’s clear in the lesson when the verbal question is asked, but in the written question, it’s not clear to me, unless I’ve heard the verbal question first.

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The lessons tend to be structured so that when you come to the writing exercises, you’ll have heard the phrase a couple of times before.

If it matters to you to get all the items in the lesson correct, you can always “cop out” by hitting the “this was a typo” button when the computer corrects your eles to elas :wink:

There are quite a few examples where it’s not obvious, although if I remember right the “eles comem muito pão” flash card has a picture of two ladies. When I do “smart reviews”, I give myself credit for getting it right regardless of whether I got the gender of eles/elas right in the situations where there is no hint in the English phrase. The same goes for “you” which is not always annotated with “inf, sing” or “plural”.

Obrigado Tomas!

Funny, in school, I was always “Whatever…” Now as I’m retired, getting a 100% matters. Go figure. :grin:

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@Medeiros, we’ve just added an indication that the ‘they’ is feminine in that exercise :slight_smile:

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Obrigado Joseph! Makes it easier for delayed learners like me. :wink:

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