Underestimate and overestimate

What is the common verb Portuguese people use for:

underestimate or overestimate.

How to say, “I underestimate the difficulties that come with it”?

Appreciate if you can give more examples of past tense also.

Olá, @patricksson! Well, we use the verbs subestimar (underestimate) and sobrestimar (overestimate). As in English, both verbs are derived from the verb estimar (estimate), but with added preffixes. So, they all follow the same conjugation patterns.

Some examples:

  • Subestimei/sobrestimei as dificuldades do processo (I under/overestimated the difficulties of the process)
  • Nós subestimámos/sobrestimámos o custo da viagem (We under/overestimated the cost of the trip)
  • Tu subestimaste/sobrestimaste o tempo para entrega (You under/overestimated the time for delivery)