Uma sandes vs uma sande (sanduíche)


I have some quick questions about the word “sandwich” in EP.

  1. According to my textbook, uma sandes is the word for a sandwich in EP, but what is the plural for this?
  2. There also seems to be some discussion online about whether the singular word is a sande or a sandes. Which is correct (along with its plural)?
  3. And is the BP word o sanduíche never used in Portugal?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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Olá, @Lukas.Shakesheff :wave: So:

  1. For people who say “uma sandes”, the same form is used for singular and plural. Uma sandes, duas sandes, três sandes… You get it. For people who say “uma sande”, that would be singular and sandes would be plural.
  2. Hah, see the answer to #1? I really can’t say which one is more correct, because both have coexisted for quite some time now. Like you said, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on this. In my part of the world (the whole region around Lisbon), a sandes is definitely dominant, and it’s my personal preference, if only out of habit. Some other regions may lean towards sande more.
  3. We also use sanduíche. Unlike in BP, it’s a feminine noun in EP: a sanduíche.
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Wow, a very thorough answer, muito obrigado!! :grin:

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