Um Relatório do Livro: As Bruxas

I recall, when I was a kid, having to read a book and then write a book report. Which I hated doing.

With the benefit of hindsight (a lot of it), I now see the value - it ups your vocabulary/grammar to have to read it, as well as write it.

Did I understand every word? Nope - not close - but enough that I was following the plot pretty closely. Then I wrote the attached. Comments welcome, I didn’t post the whole thing here as it’s 1+ pages (A4 size)

Now, I’m going to go back and look closely word for word, phrase by phrase at the construction to help boost vocab/grammar.


Thanks, @stephencanthony, for this neat story! Good old Roald Dahl! I had forgotten about him! This is a cute story, and you summed it up nicely–it was fun reading! :grinning:


stephencanthony. A long while after your post but I really enjoyed reading your story. I understood a good deal of it and have learned a lot of new words and different ways of phrasing them. Thanks.

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I just bought “Os Idiotas” - I’ll try another relatorio when I get done.